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Thank you for visiting my site.  I have moved my blog to alicianewton.com.

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Cintas Corporation| Facility Services
6800 Cintas Blvd. | Mason, OH 45040
Office: 513.573.4069| Fax: 513.573.6797
From: Farmer, Scott
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 7:45 AM
To: All Partners
Subject: GOTV – Election Message #3
The upcoming Election on November 6th is one of the most important Elections of our time.  As a company, we do not endorse one candidate over another but we do encourage all of our partners to vote.  It’s important for each of our voices to be heard this Election because the decisions that are made and the policies that are set by our government impact each of us personally as individuals.
These decisions and policies could also have a significant impact on Cintas – on our ability to run our business effectively and efficiently, on our ability to attract and retain customers and on our ability to provide the level of benefits, opportunities, and development we believe our partners want, need and deserve.  Let me give you some more specific information on how three of the most central issues to this Election could impact Cintas as a company, which would in turn impact each of us as partners.
1)      According to the Supreme Court, the new health care law amounts to the single largest tax on Americans and business in history.  We have spent a lot of time over the past months trying to understand the impact that the new law will have on our company.  Currently, Cintas spends $130 million providing competitive healthcare benefits for our partners.  Under the new law, we estimate that our health care costs will increase by over $50 million, taking the total we would need to spend to provide the same level of coverage we are currently providing to $188 million.
–          While one of the original intents of the new health care law was to provide broader access to health care for all people, the law is actually set up to allow companies to eliminate their health care coverage and instead pay a penalty of $2,000 per employee.
–          Cintas understands the importance of competitive, comprehensive health care coverage to the health, well-being, and engagement of our partners and has no intention of dropping coverage at this time.  For perspective, consider that this penalty would cost Cintas about $50 million – that’s about 30% of what Cintas’ health care costs ($188 million) would be if we continue to offer health care coverage to our partners.   Now consider the potential impact that the law could have on the many smaller and/or less fiscally solvent companies that make up our communities.  These businesses are our customers and they employ our friends and family.
2)      The second key issue is the potential of government to increase current tax rates. Taxes are like any other cost to businesses.  Ultimately, they are passed on to customers as higher prices for products and services.  This would mean that we could all be paying more for the things we purchase every day such as milk, bread, gas, clothing, etc.  For Cintas specifically, this would mean that our customers ultimately have less money to spend on uniforms, first aid cabinets, floor mats, fire extinguishers or document management services.  This obviously leads to less money for Cintas to reinvest in our business and our partners.
3)      Finally, while some government regulation is needed for all businesses, the current economic uncertainty faced by many of our customers prevents them (and Cintas) from growing in the way we would like.  The over-regulation that business is facing today from the various administrative agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Security Exchange Commission (SEC), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and others is suffocating many companies.  This uncertainty felt by many of our customers about their ability to run and grow their businesses prevents them from adding jobs which hurts our ability to grow and add jobs.
These are just three of the many issues in the upcoming Election that have the potential to impact our nation, our company, our communities, and of course, each of us individually.
Therefore, I ask all of you to make your voice heard in the upcoming Election on November 6th.  Our www.CintasVotes.com website allows you to register to vote, learn more about the candidates and issues as well as show you where to vote on Election Day.   Additionally, the attached Issues Guide shares the differences that exist with the two candidates for President.
I encourage you to research more and understand for yourself the issues and potential impact of this Election but most of all I encourage you to vote!
Thanks for all of your hard work to keep Cintas successful,
Scott Farmer

CEO’s overstep boundaries and try to intimidate employee vote. People are not sheep or stupid and unable to make their own decisions.   Our vote is our choice.  Without fear, threat of livelihood, nor is it up for sale.

Last night Mitt Romney skated around Lily Ledbetter joining a chorus of apathy concerning equal pay for women.


Columnist Mona Charen said “Women earn less than men is untrue. Women earn less because they choose to.”  In a June, 2012 article in the AJC Ms. Charen uttered this blatant inacuracy.  I’m not quite sure why. It is no secret that women make less than men for the same work.  Ms. Charen’s remarks dismiss and denigrate the reality of working women everywhere.

Supporting the voice of truth and encouraging women who experience the debilitating worry of adequate childcare, sick leave ramifications, and how to make ends meet on poverty wages, everyday, is why I blog and why I volunteer at non-profits such as 9to5.  This national grassroots organization gets it.  Unlike Charen, organizations like 9to5 know making less, and being away from your children to work is survival NOT a choice.

The United States Department of Labor reported on April 26, 2012 that 70% of all mothers and 64%…

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Obama Didn’t Bring His A Game. Why?.

The look on Michelle Obama’s face foretold it all; it’s not going to be a good night for the President.  As the camera examined every pore, prior to her husband and Romney taking the stage, Michelle Obama’s eyes reflected a concern not usually present.

When I heard it was their 20th wedding anniversary I dismissed it as sad irony.  After 20 years this is how I want to celebrate?? The world watching and picking apart my husband as I sit dutifully by his side; I’m sure that was not what Michelle or Obama anticipated!

I’m with you Michelle.  You to should have been having a romantic evening feeding each other Godiva chocolate strawberries off china and each other.

After watching the debate I am not so sure their anniversary was the total source of concern.   Something is going on.  With the weight of the free world on his shoulders, just as President Obama told The View when they questioned why he did not more rigorously defend his policies, he replied, “because I’m busy.”

Economy, American’s safety, health care, child poverty, education, energy, climate change, a congress of “no”, social justice, pay equity…I know you are busy Mr. President.  I don’t know what area was weighing you down last night.

Reflected in the furrow of Michelle’s forehead and the disconcerted look in her eyes, a cross between sadness and worry, some troubling issue is brewing. There was a reason President Obama did not bring his A game last night. Romney did present his unsubstantiated solutions well.

Now the debate is over.  Whatever didn’t allow the President to bring his A game, I am grateful God sent Michelle to share the load, love you out loud, and be there for you.

Happy Anniversary Barack and Michelle.  I hope you squeezed in a strawberry somewhere last night.

Sanctity of the Vote


Despite attempts to suppress the vote of people of color and the people in the 47% Mitt Romney doesn’t have to worry about, the sanctity of the vote is reinforced and upheld this day.  National Voter Registration Day reminds us how we arrived at a place where each person 18 years old and above can vote in America.


Congressman David Scott – National Voter Registration Day 2012


Warriors for Justice.

Congressman John Lewis, Congressman David Scott, Congressman Hank Johnson and Civil Rights Icon Rev. C. T. Vivian reminded us the right to vote was not given it was fought for.


Women, people of color, no one except white men were given the right to vote.  Will the blood, sweat, and tears of so many be spit on by indifference?  Will the future course of the greatest country in the world belong to a choice few?  This is no time for apathetic.  Register to vote and Vote!


You can vote from your living room via absentee ballothttp://sos.georgia.gov/elections/elections/voter_information/absentee_ballot_app_2012.pdf


You can vote if you have a criminal background as long as your case if completed.  Time served, probation satisfied and/or parole completed.  You can re-register and vote.

Voter ID is free, Vote from your living room w/o ID, Vote with a Background




Someone was jailed, someone was hurt for your right to vote, exercise it! Honor it!

When Wrong, Promptly Admit It

A dear friend of mine was chastising me recently about what she deemed my insensitivity toward the feelings of others.  She said I was always trying to “fix” something.  I immediately took offense internally…. not verbally to her.  I listened quietly while fuming inside.


What she was referring to was a proposal she sent out seeking sponsors for a business venture.  I did not have any money to invest, however, being a skilled writer and editor I edited the proposal, and made some suggestions regarding presentation.  My motive was to make the proposal better.  I believe in what she is trying to do.  I believe in her and her partner in this particular venture.  What was on paper had some opportunity for improvement.  Her point, and she was right, was that she did not ask for feedback.  I apologized for giving unsolicited feedback.


Intention vs. Impact
The Ripple Effect

Sometimes our intention and our impact are miles apart.  It requires maturity and introspection to recognize the disparity.  In my case I had to give it some time, listen to some thought leaders I respect, pray, and then I was able to circle back and apologize for my impact.

Impact is like the ripples left on the surface of the water once the boat has passed.  The impact we have on others, as Dr. Henry Cloud, so elegantly references in his book “Integrity”,  http://alturl.com/6qhd7 is our wake.  What does our wake look like in the lives of the people, and organizations we encounter?  What type of ripple do we leave? How do we balance our intention and our impact?


I recently put myself in a vulnerable position for someone else and got stung financially.  I did not blame the other person I blamed myself for doing something my first intuition told me not to do.  To compensate for what I deemed a bad decision on my part I stopped my largesse in that area.

My friend also brought that situation up.   I considered her point, however, haven’t identified anything yet.  It is important, once we get past the feeling to look.   The only change in my decision-making would be to trust my intuition in the first place.


I believe in setting boundaries.  I crossed the boundary with my friend when I supplied un-solicited feedback. The line between helping, enabling, and meddling can blur.  I have crossed the line on many different occasions.  Particularly when I have an emotional attachment to the relationship.

Getting back in my lane will always be the place I strive to go.   If getting back in my lane evokes some abandonment or ill feelings I hope you don’t remain stuck.  Anything else would be like me saying I can, God can’t, so I won’t let Him.

Whatever choices we make it’s always beneficial to examine the situation from all perspectives.  And whatever one comes up with ask, did my intention mirror the impact, and if it doesn’t can you live with it or are there amends to make?

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